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apricot princess

record cover + poster design

branding / concept design / video editing


The Apricot Princess (by Rex Orange County) record cover design was a university assignment for Image Design and Production.


Our brief was to create a record cover of our choice of album, using a variety of techniques and software to create our image. 


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Procreate, iMovie



Product Photography, Illustration, Image Alteration, Image Mock Ups, Label Design, Video Editing, Filming

record cover.jpg

the concept

Rex Orange County's music, especially Apricot Princess, rotates around a theme of nostalgic romance, often employing child like pop beats and his branding often includes naive, but amusing visuals.


Hence, my design reflects these themes. The person depicted on the front of the is the iconic Mario video game character - Princess Peach. This comical pun (interchanging apricot and peach) added a interesting layer, only discovered with close inspection and predisposed knowledge of video game characters. This knowledge is probably most common among Gen Z and millenials, the target audienceof this album.


The other aspect of this concept was the can of apricots, a method to tie in literal apricots with the Princess Peach graphics. 


The back of the can includes an ingredients list - the tracklists of the album. Close inspection of the nutrition information label you can see information such as producers and release dates.

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