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boom box festival

logo design and branding for a music festival

logo design / branding / concept design / market research


Boom Box Festival logo and campaign was created for a university assignment for Visual Communication Design. Within the brief we chose a business or industry, I chose a music festival. It was required we came with our own name, idea and concept.

I achieved a High Distinction for this subject.


Predominantly Adobe Illustrator, as well as Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign



  • Illustration, drawing, image creation adhereing to a comic/pop art style

  • Using Illustrator for logos, shapes and artworks

  • Indesign for poster layout and presentation of design document (research, design principles, inspiration, references etc.)

the concept

Boom Box Festival is a music festival focused on retro aesthetics, nostalgic themes and community. The brand and its rhetorical campaign aim to create engagement through a unique aesthetic. The connectivity, community and belonging created through music is very important for Boom Box festival.

MAIN - FINAL copy.jpg

logo + variations

This was the main logo of the festival. Below are alterations that can been used for many different purposes.


It was important for the main logo for a music festival to be unique, text focused and eye catching. This works perfectly for large signs, posters and other branding.


Simplfied versions of logos are always essential for use in places such as documents, websites, merchandise and social media.

current with thicker strokes.png

marketing campaign

Our assignment required exploration of a 'Rhetorical Campaign' - three different images.


My first image was the iconic music festival announcement of acts and headliners.


Second image was to be paired with the announment, or to create curiousity and awareness.


​Lastly was a 'Guerilla Marketing' / public art design.  Places for festival guests to take images for social media are extremely popular,  photos are shared excessively by attendees across social media - an effective marketing strategy

2ND - FINAL copy
current with thicker strokes
Neve Lembryk-Walsh - Logo Variations
Neve Lembryk-Walsh - Logo Variati2ons
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