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david thirgood

book covers and business graphics for an author

book cover design / bookmark design / business card design


David Thirgood commissioned me to design two of his book covers, as well as business cards and bookmarks.


Adobe Photoshop



  • Design covers for two books: Twins and George's Secret

  • Designed matching bookmark and business card

georges secret front - low qual.jpg
georges secret back low qual.jpg
twins from lower qual.jpg
twins back - lower qual.jpg

I already knew that Neve Lembryk-Walsh was a talented artist before I asked her to design a book cover for ‘Twins’.  At the time I didn’t realise she had achieved such a high standard as a graphic designer.  After using my publisher to design my earlier book covers, I was overwhelmed by what Neve produced for me. Before the publication of my most recent book, George’s Secret, I asked Neve if she would design its cover and, once again, she produced artwork of an exceptionally high standard. Following on from that, she designed bookmarks and business cards. 

There is a saying, don’t judge a book by its cover, but it’s impossible to ignore the exceptionally high level of Neve’s artwork and graphic design by taking a look at the covers of my two latest book releases, my bookmarks and business cards. I have seen many of Neve’s works and it is clear that she has outstanding skills in her chosen field.


- david thirgood


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