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As the digital experience co-ordinator, I created the visual direction for the user interface and user experience. I collaborated with my team to create a website that functions well within a complex operating model, as a dynamic and captivating brand interface and e-commerce store.

brand identity
problem space.

the problem.

RegenMed’s goal is to provide patients with medical solutions. As a provider of subscription medicine, the product is heavily regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The operating models are heavily constrained by TGA regulations. Hence, user experience solutions for RegenMed have to not only centre the user need, but legislative constraints.

user experience
solution space.

pain point 1 / landing page development


A patient wants to be able to access information, in order to do the information search need to be encouraged to make a purchase.Although, the TGA do not want products, or product information, publicly displayed (or advertised)


As we cannot provide direct product information, an alternative solution we will build powerful landing pages that lead users to registration. These landing pages will offer the potential patient with as much information as possible to attempt to lessen the pain point as much as possible.

A clear outline of the steps within RegenMed’s process


The interactive web section gives the user more information about each step on hover. It makes RegenMed’s process clearer to the user, lessening confusion and enhancing product understanding.

Website sections that enhance and focus upon the solutions offered, as well as existing struggles a potential patient may be experiencing


Strong Call To Actions throughout the page in order to drive users to registration


TGA pain point / an additional medical information form


RegenMed is predicting that the TGA will want more detailed patient information collected per product category and wish to implement another information collection point as a preventative measure


A form that asks questions in relation to that product category, named ‘Pre Medical Screening’.


All information collected within registration + medical history forms, as well as the Pre Medical Screening form, links to patient management software through an API.

pain point 3 / a personalised patient dashboard


Without any direction, the user is unsure what product is directly suited to their goals. RegenMed has a wide array of products and it is likely to be overwhelming. Furthermore, with the integration of doctor approvals and Pre Medical Screening, the patient may be confused as to which categories they can access.


Through building a personalised dashboard, we can offer the user personalised information.

web design
web design.
packaging + print
packaging + print.
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